Civil Interview: Brianna Perry Talks Impact Of ‘Sisterhood Of Hip Hop’ And More

Posted on September 1st, 2016
Lindsey India

Brianna perry interview

How has your time on Sisterhood of Hip Hop helped you as a woman in music industry?

Brianna Perry: It’s definitely reflective when you’re filming, and you have so much stuff going on, and you’re able to watch an episode back to see how you handled certain things. You’re able to see yourself in kind of a different light. I really appreciate that part of it, as well as working with other women who are in the same industry as me. I get to see how many things we have in common, whether it’s in music or real life period. It sounds cliché, but we actually get to bond and have new experiences together, especially on this third season. We went on a retreat and learned so many new things. Really just learning about myself and these other women makes it a dope show.

How would you describe your relationship with each of the girls?

Brianna Perry: I have a lot of respect for the other cast members. We talk and we laugh. We hang out. We do real things, and we have real conversations. I think over the course of the show, you’ll get to see that. Maybe not in every episode, but in some particular ones, they can become a big aspect. I’m happy I met each and every one of them. We’re all so different from Siya to Audra to Diamond. I wish them all the best, and I support all of them.

How has being on the show impacted your own music?

Brianna Perry: Working with some of the girls on the show, and incorporating their different styles and sound into my own music has inspired me. They want to be the best at it too, and it pushes me to go harder.

You previously shared some clips from your “Something To Love” video a few weeks back that has fans excited. Explain the concept behind the visuals.

Brianna Perry: We had so much fun filming that. You got to see different routes. We’re all in a struggle, whether it’s financial or physical, and we’re all looking for a way out. In that video, you see a young woman who is doing everything she’s not supposed to be doing. She’s shoplifting in a store. She has all these bills. She’s prostituting and setting up guys to rob them. I feel like in hip hop, we see that part of the story, but we don’t always see what can go wrong. That’s what I wanted to do. I wanted to paint a picture on that aspect. She has all of these material things, but at the end of the day, she has nothing. She’s empty.

What are the main sources that are inspiring your records right now?

Brianna Perry: What’s going on in the world is for sure [inspiring them]. Love is what’s going on in the world. Lack of love is going on in the world. There’s lack of trust. There’s growth and growing pains. Just a lot of stuff. I’m just talking about what I’m going through and what people are going through.

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