Civil Interview: Ace Hood Talks ‘Starvation V,’ Personal Growth, And More

Posted on August 5th, 2016
Shawn Grant

Ace Hood knows that he has a responsibility to his fans. Last November, the Florida native released the fourth edition in his Starvation mixtape series, and it was created to be his last. Almost a year later, and Ace returned with Starvation 5, acknowledging that there was more work to be done on a project that would properly serve the fans who were avid listeners since its inception.

The awareness of Ace Hood goes beyond his music. These days, Ace hood knows more about himself and his growth as a person. Personally, he is focusing on his working as a mentor in the state of Florida and his body and fitness, the latter sprouting another career path for him. His career, while already successful, is heading toward another chapter where he focuses on developments rather than addressing possible drama, like the recent buzz surrounding him and DJ Khaled.

Catching up with Ace Hood after a late morning workout, the Starvation artist speaks on what went into making the fifth edition in his mixtape series, what growth he sees in himself, his influence on the state of Florida and more. – Shawn Grant


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