Civil Scope: Levi Carter

Posted on May 10th, 2016
Staff Editor

Tidal - Levi Carter

How did you get your name?

Levi Carter: Levi Carter, man. It’s actually something I definitely created. It’s one of those things that flow. It came together. Levi came from my government and Carter, I was planning to have a son and I was going to name him Carter. Me and my homie was talking and I mentioned it and he liked it so we ran with it.

What city do you call home and how did it shape your career?

Levi Carter: I’m from the Bronx. I spent some time in Virginia. I would say I spent half of my life here and half there, so I got mad love in Virginia. But New York is definitely my home. I was raised up and down South Bronx, Uptown, all of that.

Virginia is not as mainstream. I been pushing to comeback for a long time but New York is a much faster lifestyle and I didn’t want to come back and get into more trouble than I already was in to. I had to make sure my mind was right for that.

When did you start taking your music seriously?

Levi Carter: A lot of stuff went down for me to start taking it seriously. All throughout high school I had labels hitting me that I could have been in contact with to this day but I wasn’t really focused. I had never started something and finished it until now. This is my first time really doing that and it took me going through a lot of different things for me to take this head on and be prepared for what I really wanted to do. There was people who were pulling me together and pushing me up but everything happens for a reason.

Who would you consider as some of your biggest influences?

Levi Carter: My biggest influence is my mother. I wouldn’t be on this path if not for my mom and she still go hard for me in what I do. Coming up I didn’t really have nobody so the fact that I had my mom was the best part.

Musically, there are not too many people I really listen to. Right now I listen to Future, a lot of Kodak. I really listen to anyone I can listen to and relate to. Not to say other people, the lyrical artists aren’t good, but if your music doesn’t put me in the mode where I be like damn I been through that too then I don’t gain any inspiration. So Future, Kodak Black, Young Thug, Lil Uzi Vert, they just get me in a better mood or make me want to get up and go get it.

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