Civil Scope: Levi Carter

Posted on May 10th, 2016
Staff Editor

Tidal - Levi Carter

A bulk of hip-hop’s attention is shifting back East with the arrival of some talented figures. One of those is Virginia based rapper Levi Carter, who is currently on a mission to make himself one of the next household names.

Many were introduced to Carter behind the power of his ANTISOCIAL project, which was powered by the success of “Finessed,” a single that was never intended to be as successful as it has been. Carter details “Finessed” as a single that he randomly created and had no intent of putting forward to fans on any project until he realized the power that it possessed.

Within ANTISOCIAL you will find why Levi Carter’s star is growing. He crafted a complete project where all you receive lyrically is him, introducing who he is before the influence of a guest can drive your opinion. That is a product of Levi’s confidence. He knows that he is supposed to be here and working toward proving himself isn’t for anyone but himself, marking it as his first task that he will see form start to finish.

Read more about TIDAL Rising artist in the latest Civil Scope to see how his home hometown influenced him, his sound, creative process and more. – Shawn Grant


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