Civil Interview: Elzhi Discusses The Making Of ‘Lead Poison,’ Detroit Rap, And J. Dilla’s Album

Posted on April 15th, 2016
Lindsey India

While the radio may not always seem like it, lyricism is definitely not a dying art in the world of hip hop culture. There are tons of artists in rap culture who are representing hard for those who are all about their bars, and Elzhi is certainly one of them. The Detroit native may be a name more under your radar, but the MC comes very prepared to make you aware of his lyrical talents.

Having just released his Lead Poison album last month, which was his first release since 2011, Elzhi has been through a lot of struggle in recent years, which only made him step up his pen game on the microphone. We got a chance to talk to the hip hop artist about the making of Lead Poison, his thoughts on the posthumous album from his late friend, J. Dilla, and much more. Check out our Civil Interview with Elzhi on the following pages.


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