Civil Interview: Jordin Sparks Opens Up On Her Music Comeback, Inspiration From Sage The Gemini, And More

Posted on August 26th, 2015
Staff Editor

What track are you most proud of on Right Here Right Now?

Jordin Sparks: [laughs] That question I actually can’t answer because it has been so long. I feel like I’ve really put out a complete piece of work. Every song I relate to on some level. I really had 100% say in all of my songs, which is kind of rare nowadays. Whether I wrote the songs, or I didn’t, each song just had to have a piece of me. I think everybody knows that I love to do ballads, and sing the heart-wrenching songs, so there are a couple on there like “Unhappy” and “Tell Him That I Love Him.” It’s my nice little sexy song, so those ones are kind of stand outs to me.

Which are some of your most recommended work out songs from the project?

Jordin Sparks: There’s a couple of uptempo songs on there, like “Boyz In The Hood” is a good one. “Double Tap” is a fun one. If you want to do something slow, for yoga or stretching, I would say “11:11,” and “Left…Right.” “Work From Home” is a good one too because you’ve got the claps in it, so you can do dance fitness too.

How would you describe the album in three words?

Jordin Sparks: Journey, pretty, and emotions. I won’t say emotional, but I’ll say emotions because there are a lot of those.

Has your boyfriend, Sage The Gemini, inspired any of the songs on this album?

Jordin Sparks: Listen! He inspires me all the time! [laughs] It’s funny because I’ve been trying to retweet everyone supporting the album, and someone said something about it being a break up album. I was like, this is not a break up album. This is me saying, “Hi, I’m back. I’m back, and I’m more confident than ever.” It’s not a breakup album, it’s a breakthrough album. He definitely inspired some of the love songs. When I sing them, I think about him.

What are your thoughts on American Idol ending this year, since you were one of the big, and more successful winners?

Jordin Sparks: I’m sad! It’s crazy because they’ve dominated television for 15 years. That is huge for any television series to say. It is really sad because I’m all for the shows that give people their dreams, and American Idol was pretty much the OG of all the singing shows. Now that it’s going to be gone, I’m thinking about what I’m going to do at the beginning of my week for the rest of time now. I was a huge fan of the show before I even auditioned. It’s been a big part of my life for a very long time. It’s just really bittersweet that it’s going. I’m sure they’ll pull out all the stops. I’m hoping they bring past contestants and alumni back. As soon as they call, I’m all for it.


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