Civil Scope: J.Drew

Posted on June 24th, 2015
Staff Editor


For those that are just getting into you, what are some initial things we need to know?

J. Drew: My name is J.Drew. I’m an artist/producer/songwriter. I’m a Grammy nominated producer. And I was born and raised in Detroit, MI.

Your hometown is Detroit and you have family ties to the industry. How does the rich music heritage of the city help you as an artist?

J. Drew: With my family being in the music business for so long I’ve been around great music and artists my entire life. And obviously being from Detroit, Motown had a huge influence on me. Stevie Wonder is my biggest inspiration . I listen to his music and it blows my mind how incredible he is. I actually went to see him live at his Songs In The Key Of Life tour when he was in Detroit recently and the show was amazing!

Your new EP, The Long Way Home, what was the goal for this project?

J. Drew: The goal for this project was to showcase the growth I’ve made with my music as an artist and songwriter, but most importantly as a man. The Home Way Home EP really displays where I’m currently at in my life.

What challenges did you experience producing your entire EP?

J. Drew: I wouldn’t really say I had any challenges producing the music but since this was the first time I truly wrote from my own personal experiences and what I was going through at the time, it allowed me to develop my songwriting skills and has a huge impact on my music.

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