Civil Scope: J.Drew

Posted on June 24th, 2015
Staff Editor


For Detroit, Michigan’s J.Drew the knowledge and experiences of the music industry aren’t matched by many of today’s rising stars. The singer-songwriter-producer is the son of a Gospel great and has also received a Grammy nomination.

After working behind-the-scenes for quite some time, J.Drew is prepared to make his own splash in the game. Releasing a four-track EP titled The Long Way Home, J. Drew displays he is a triple threat as he wrote, sang and produced his own experiences. With the work he has been releasing he has grabbed the attention of many, including Kelly Rowland who gives her praises and TIDAL who heralds him as a Rising Artists.

Is that enough for you to put J.Drew on your “must listen” list? Check out a little bit more about the Detroit player on the following pages. – Shawn Grant


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