Kim Kardashian Surprises Kanye West with Basketball Birthday Bash

Posted on June 8th, 2015
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Can my next bae give birthday gifts and parties like Kim Kardashian-West? Don’t get us wrong, you can always pick a sunflower themed present for them if this is what they are into. But if you’re Kim Kardashian, you can get pretty much anything for your partner!

Kanye West turned 38-years-old today and was thrown a surprise birthday party by his wife at Staples Center in Los Angeles!

E! News reports Kim K rented out the entire NBA arena for $110,000 for Yeezus to be the king of the court with some of his closest friends and top players in the NBA. Most people would be happy to just get some music from the year you were born on their birthday, so this was a step beyond that!

Kim tweeted about the event earlier in the day teasing the basketball affair with the title of Kanye’s forthcoming album, SWISH. “Kanye’s bday today is gonna be a major SWISH!!! I planned the craziest surprise! Will share later! Sooooo excited!!!!!!,” she shared.

The hardwork of Kim Kardashian gathered Don C, Justin Bieber, Tyga, Jerry Lorenzo, Herron Preston, Pusha T, Russell Westbrook and more to the court where James Harden and 2 Chainz served as the coaches of the teams that were dressed in “East” and “West” jerseys.

Also part of the celebration was a cake shaped like the Larry O’Brien championship trophy, a birthday serenade from John Legend, and a video tribute featuring more ballers ranging from Kobe to Carmelo Anthony and court side pal Scottie Pippen.

In other, Kanye West related news Apple might have the key to unlock the much talked about SWISH album. With the launch of the app today, we will have to see if a Kanye storm starts brewing for the summer. Check out some videos and pictures from the ballin’ celebration below.

@justinbieber is ballin for YE bday hoop competition

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