You Ain’t Got These: Ja Rule Lands Sneaker Deal With Steve Madden

Posted on February 20th, 2015
Staff Editor

Ja Rule may not hold the reign for rapping as he once did but he isn’t just sticking to music. Ja Rule and Steve Madden have teamed up to  create a mens shoe collection composed of 5 different styled with the name Maven x Madden. The collection was debuted FN Platform in Las Vegas this week and Ja Rule had the following to say to Footwear News about the partnership and the shoes:

“I wanted to partner with Steve to create a line that was both stylish and affordable. I love all the styles, but my favorites, I would have to say, are the high-top suede and the high-top dress shoe,” he said. “The Maven motorcycle-stye boot is something different from anything out there. The key on the front of the shoe represents freedom: freedom to be creative.”

Sounds like Ja Rule knows a thing or two about fashion himself! Madden was also taken aback by his vision. He says, “I was shocked at how creative he is. He came to the table with all of these ideas.”

Will you be copping the Maven x Madden collection by Ja Rule and Steve Madden? Check out pictures of the shoes below.


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