Chris Brown Addresses Meek Mill Party Altercation Rumors

Posted on February 9th, 2015
Staff Editor

Chris Brown is not here for having his name beingĀ put in the mix of the law anymore, and after rumors swirled that he got into an altercation at Meek Mill’s party after the Grammys this weekend, he made sure to set things straight.

TheĀ X singer took to his Instagram to diffuse any rumors about having a rougher night than anticipated, where he made a funny face for his followers and fans, captioning it, “Lol.. Killing these lil rumours that I got beat up last night at meek mill party. It’s funny how I’m always the topic of discussion for bullshit. Given my prior encounters with the law I don’t conduct myself like that when I go out. So no, I wasnt involved in any pistol whipping or fighting. There was an altercation between other people at the party and I observed. Me and my team left so we wouldn’t have anything to do with it so the police wouldn’t fuck wit me. You know how my name pops up in everything. Lol. GOOD DAY SIR.”

It’s good that the rumors aren’t true, as Breezy just finished his community service hours, and can start his tour with Trey Songz and Tyga. We should be seeing him back on stage in no time.

Peep his response to the Meek party rumors on the following page.


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