Listen To This Christmas Remix Of Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’ Album

Posted on December 23rd, 2014
Staff Editor

No, we do not have any new music from Kanye West but we can certainly settle for a Christmas themed remix of his last album, Yeezus. Deck the halls and your eardrums with this comical, Ye-inspired LP titled Kreezus.

Courtesy of the folks at Local Business Comedy, the comedy borrowed the Chicago MC’s experimental, sixth project to mold it into their own holiday piece of artwork. Swapping out Ye’s wordplay for Christmas-inspired lyrics over the original instrumentals, the crew created tracks like “I Am A Claus,” “Wrapped 2” and “Hold My Eggnog.”

The pun is very obviously intended. Get in the spirit of wrapping and wrapping gifts while bumping to this 10-track gem and hope that 2015 offers a finely wrapped Kanye West present in the form of a seventh LP. Grab your candy canes and press play.

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