Clipse End Hiatus, Set to Release Independent Album?

Posted on January 6th, 2014
Staff Editor


Pusha T made news recently after posting pictures of The Neptunes in the studio to Instagram, sparking speculation of a soon-to-come sophomore album. However, it has been confirmed that the photos are evidence of the Clipse–comprised of brothers Pusha T and  No Malice–hard at work on an untitled independent project, ending a three-year hiatus. (The hip-hop duo hasn’t released an album since 2009’s Til the Casket Drops.)

Both MCs have since gone on to work on solo projects for the time being, but it looks as if they’re coming back together for a much-anticipated LP with the help of Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo.–Keith Reid-Cleveland

  • Derek Dixon

    Where is the photo evidence?

    • Kainiklas Torkel

      on instagram? did you even bother to read the article?

      • Derek Dixon

        Yes I read the article. I dont think you did or at least didn’t comprehend it. Yes pusha posted pictures of Pharrell and chad Hugo in the studio. But no malice was not in the pictures. And none of the 4 involved have posted a picture with No Malice in the studio with them. They say their is photographic evidence that No Malice is involved and that it is now a Clipse album but do not provide it.

        • LuckyP757

          well my friend it happens to be 2013. technology allows a recording process to take place with or without all included parties being physically present in the studio. its not a far fetched idea that they’d release another lp together. after all, they never “broke up”

          • Kurt

            Actually it is 2014.

          • LuckyP757

            you know what, you’re correct! which further strengthens my argument. cheers smart guy

  • FuckTheWorld

    This was ACTUALLY for Pusha’s next solo album “King Push”.. He HIMSELF confirmed that…

    • white_rhino_ks

      actually…pusha posted this article to his facebook, so ima say that it was for the new clipse album…otherwise why would he post it?

    • Puppet H

      it was, till today confirmed by No Malice Twitter account and Pusha T’s facebook.

      • fraspi

        No Malice Twitter account shows no such thing as confirmation….

        • Puppet H

          he had a retweet of it. and on everywhere, you guys should stop fighting it

  • Puppet H

    Virginia, we back baby! “I recide in VA, ride in VA and most likely when I die, I’m gon’ die in VA” – No Malice. Thanks No Malice for breaking the hiatus, Lord Willin with The Neptunes was super dope, and now we get another one. Thank!!!

  • Cameron West

    Karencivil get it together this is the 4th album not the 2nd damn yall writers are garabge

    • Aaron

      They Were Saying That People Thought They Were Recording Pusha’s 2nd Album

  • carol durante

    Awesome! DMV

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