Former G-Unit Member Mazardi Fox Killed In Queens

Posted on January 3rd, 2014
Shawn Grant

Jamal Green, also known as rapper Mazardi Fox, was killed on the corner of Farmers Blvd. and 133rd Ave in Queens early this evening.

The New York Daily News reports, the rapper, who is known to have ties to 50 Cent, was slain as a man wearing a ski mast opened fire on an SUV in Queens. Mazardi Fox exited the vehicle and died in a nearby driveway.

The rapper was known to be a longtime friend of 50 and once a member of G-Unit.

Fox carried a couple of charges to his government name as he has been booked for attempted murder and attempted assault. The latter of the two charges Fox was released for on December 20.

Two 22-year-old men and a woman in her 20s were also wounded and taken to Jamaica Hospital, while a fifth victim was being searched for authorities.

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