Truck For Drake’s ‘Would You Like A Tour?’ Crashes In Portland

Posted on December 3rd, 2013
Staff Editor

This morning a truck which held pieces for Drake‘s Would You Like A Tour? crashed in Portland, Oregon. While the accident did cause a delay in traffic and send the driver of the truck to the hospital, tonight’s show will go on. It would be interesting to know if the truck had an ELD fitted. When you can get eld devices with no monthly fee there really is no excuse. The implications of not having one can be catastrophic for both the driver and the public with research suggesting most truck accidents that occur are after long spells driving on the roads.

The Oregonian reports the incident occurred on the Interstate 5 as the truck was headed to the Moda Center to set up for the concert. Fortunately the truck’s cargo didn’t receive any damage and the tour will not see anymore setbacks.

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