Watch: Kanye West Rants About The MTV Music Awards, Blogs & Oprah In Brooklyn

Posted on November 21st, 2013
Staff Editor

Last night during the Barlcay’s stop for the Yeezus tour Kanye West went on a ten minute rant about the culture vultures and people saying, “Kanye crazy and shit.” Although we may all agree that we think Kanye West has lost some of his marbles, what’s a good Kanye West show without a rant.

West’s latest rant discussed the music industry, of course, his dislike of the MTV Music Awards, the negativity of the blogs, a conversation he had with Oprah and more. He also revealed that he just signed a new designer deal last week and will become the designer not just the face behind the brand.

He went on to discuss a conversation he had with Oprah where she told him “they scared of you Ye’. “ Overall, we learned from the rant that rants are form of therapy for Yeezy. And he still wants you know that “I still ain’t see a video better than Beyonce video to this mother f***in day.”

Check out the full rant above. – Shanae Hatchett

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