50 Cent, Ja Rule End Up On Same Flight, Same Row

Posted on November 18th, 2013
Staff Editor

Ja Rule–50 Cent

This may sound like a bad joke, but it’s not.

What happens when 50 Cent and Ja Rule end up on the same row of the same flight? Absolutely nothing. Kind of anticlimactic, right?

According to the tweet by Ja, him and 50 ended up on the same flight last night and the two didn’t get into any kind of trouble. Looking back on the heated rap beef that supposedly ended Ja’s career and helped push 50 even further into the spotlight, it’s interesting to see that nothing happened here. At least nothing worthy of intervention from the strict flight security that I’m sure was there. So that means they probably didn’t even exchange words loud enough for anyone to hear, if at all.

Both men have had their ups and down in their careers, 50’s still trying to release Street King Immortal and Ja Rule’s only been out of prison for six months. Both men already claimed that the beef was long and gone and now it seems that it’s the case. – Keith Reid-Cleveland


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