First Look: Nicki Minaj Unveils Full Kmart Collection

Posted on September 18th, 2013

nicki-minaj-collection-kmart-karen-civil13As Nicki Minaj readies the release of her eponymous Kmart collection, the 29-year-old raptress unleashes visuals of each autumn-ready piece via Instagram.

The line, which Nicki Nicki has been teasing for weeks, consists of mostly luxe-style bodycon dresses and two-piece suits that fit a variety of body shapes but are, most importantly, affordable.

“I feel like my fans are always asking me, “Where’d you get this? Where’d you get that?” and sometimes they can’t afford certain things,” she told Rolling Stone, “so my biggest goal was to make a line that was going to be affordable to my fans and also rich enough in quality that they’ll feel like they’re wearing exactly what I’m wearing. I’m really excited about that.”

Check out the full collection after the jump.

nicki-minaj-collection-kmart-karen-civil3 nicki-minaj-collection-kmart-karen-civil7 nicki-minaj-collection-kmart-karen-civil12 nicki-minaj-collection-kmart-karen-civil6 nicki-minaj-collection-kmart-karen-civil11 nicki-minaj-collection-kmart-karen-civil5 nicki-minaj-collection-kmart-karen-civil10 nicki-minaj-collection-kmart-karen-civil4 nicki-minaj-collection-kmart-karen-civil9 nicki-minaj-collection-kmart-karen-civil nicki-minaj-collection-kmart-karen-civil8 nicki-minaj-collection-kmart-karen-civil2

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