Kendrick Lamar Disses Meek Mill at NYC Show

Posted on September 10th, 2013


While rocking the Williamsburg Park stage in Brooklyn Tuesday night (Sept. 10), Kendrick Lamar returned fire on Meek Mill for his Cousin Terio-influenced “Ooh Kill Em” diss track, a direct response to the Compton MC’s explosive “Control” verse.

“I been doing this shit for years…I mastered this shit,” the Cali native said, according to a series of All Hip Hop tweets. “I have no time for irrelevant niggas [or] new niggas. There’s one nigga in particular that needs to realize that there’s ‘levels’ to this s**t. I’m MOTHER F**KIN’ KING KENDRICK.”

The self-proclaimed King of New York isn’t backing down from Philly’s own, but Meek had a few words of his own after he got word of the onstage diss.

“King of what?” he responded via Twitter. “Cuz I’m the only nigga coming thru the streets with the baddest bitch in the game on my bike…with a 100 hittaz and army tanks behind me!”

Grab the mics, gentlemen. It’s what hip-hop fans have all been waiting for.

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