Tyler, The Creator Shares His Thoughts on Being Labeled a ‘Homophobe’

Posted on July 5th, 2012

Early Wednesday morning, Frank Ocean shocked fans by releasing a heart-felt letter confirming news of him being bisexual. His friend Tyler, the Creator, hopped on formspring to respond to Ocean’s news, see what Tyler had to say after the jump.

Frank is the fu*king man, and a hero and inspiration to everyone. His sexuality has nothing to do with how amazing his music and talents are. Tyler, you’re also amazing for not caring about that stupid bullshit. You’re honestly a good dude.

Tyler, the Creator:
hahaha yeah, ive know for a while, he told me a long time ago. it was just funny cause i was getting bashed as a homophobe or whatever and i kept saying dude how am i one? i have gay friends like what the fuck leave me alone haha. yeah thats my nigga tho, shit is hard for him but he did that.

[ via Formspring ]

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