Lil Wayne and Drake Refuse To Pay $400,000 Judgement

Posted on May 29th, 2012

I guess rappers get punished for no shows at work too… But maybe on a little bit on a higher scale. Lil Wayne and Drake were ordered by a judge to pay $432,337.50 for allegedly skipping out on a club performance last year for a company called Imperial Entertainment Group. But they say they never even heard about it, signed contracts, or agreed to it. It also appears they were never served with papers to show up in court in the first place.

In their legal proceedings, Drizzy and Weezy claim that the company used a third-party booking service, Melanzh Enterprises, which apparently didn’t have the authority to set up the performance agreement anyway. I guess we’ll see where this goes in the upcoming weeks.

[via TMZ]

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