The Jumpoff Jumps On Azealia Banks; Is She Too Arrogant?

Posted on May 18th, 2012

In your spare time, you’ve addressed the Azealia Banks issue. No, I’m not referring to her music, but in essence her mouth. In light of everything that we have heard about Ms. Banks? Have you heard any of her songs? You know about the Iggy-T.I. vs Azealia beef, but have you even listened to “212?” Everyone knows about the Lil’ Kim issue, but is she biting off more than she can chew?  The panel at The Jumpoff TV is composed of Valerie Lora, LowKey UNTH, JasFly, Mr. Mecc, Day Dog, and J L Barrow and they weigh in on whether or not America will really give Banks a chance. She has had a lot to say in the past and she social media as opposed to the studio to be heard. Watch above and leave your thoughts. Is Azealia Banks too arrogant for a new artist?

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