Rohan Marley Proposes & It Isn’t To Lauryn Hill

Posted on May 15th, 2012

After 15 years of dating and 6 children, Lauryn Hill finally got the chance to see Rohan Marley propose…TO ANOTHER WOMAN! Marley met Brazilian supermodel Isabeli Fontana in October 2011 and has already proposed to her. He even told her that they “must return to their origins so that the marriage will last forever.” Forever? Forever Ever? FOREVER EVER? So, you can be with a woman for 15 years, father 6 of her children and then leave and decide you are ready to marry another woman in less than a year? There must be some sort of conspiracy. If only Lauryn were still making music so we could hear her opinion on the upcoming wedding. Who knows, maybe this will inspire some new music…

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