Nicki Minaj Returns To “Ellen” with Sophia Gracie and Rosie

Posted on May 10th, 2012

While in L.A. as the headliner of this weekend’s Wango Tango concert,  Nicki Minaj stopped by the The Ellen DeGeneres Show to catch up and to receive a little surprise. Nicki spoke about how she feels on being viewed as a role model, the disabling of her Twitter account, and buying gifts (like Range Rovers) for her friends. She even discussed odd run-ins with fans. Nicki told Ellen that she actually enjoys driving when she gets the chance but her pink car does receive a little attention. “People are willing to have an accident. A girl literally cut through traffic and made a U-turn just to put her car in front of my car, so she could take a picture.”

After her personal interview with Ellen, Nicki got to say hello to her little friends, Sophia Grace and Rosie; young British girls who performed Nicki’s “Super Bass” on YouTube. Nicki not only invited them to her Wango Tango show, but she also gave them both some crucially girly advice. “Pink is your color. Pink is gonna keep you happy for the rest of your life. Pink is gonna give you power, energy, and the girliness that you need. You wear your crown and you’re a queen.” You can watch both portions of the interviews above.

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