Birdman Announces Upcoming Cash Money Film

Posted on May 2nd, 2012

First, there was music, and then there were books. Now, the Cash Money family is tackling another media outlet; movies. The label’s Co-Owner, Birdman, recently shared the details on the upcoming film entitled “Rich Gang” with XXL Magazine.

“We start shooting that in the fall. That’s the whole team, that’s like a 2012 Balla Blocking. The Rich Gang movie is about the team. Everybody is going to be the star of it, but Wayne will be the center of it. It’s about the team, everybody that’s on the label. … I would like them [to] just be themselves. I’m not gonna tell no n*gga to go to acting school. Just be yourself. We’re excited as a brand about it. Tyga, everybody is like, ‘Stunna, let’s do a movie.’ We got a few of them lined up and we gonna shoot them.” 

We already know Drake and Nicki have acting experience and great Lil Wayne impersonations, but it will be nice to see how the rest of the CMB family shows off their acting skills. While there is no anticipated release date,  it may take a while to film with all the artists’ busy schedules. Can’t wait to see it in theaters.

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