Catalog Catch Up: Usher feat. Jadakiss – “Throwback (Remix)”

Posted on April 27th, 2012


To truly put explain how important Usher’s 2004 masterpiece, Confessions, was, a person would have had to live through that time. The album itself had one of the greatest acts of timing (possibly, ever) for a LP with the news of he and Chili’s breakup still the “it” news of music universe at the time. There were rumors why the two ended their highly public relationship, and with Usher’s album, the reason why was basically laid out on the table for the entire world to witness.

The LP itself boasted classics such as “Burn,” “Confessions Pt. 2,” “Superstar,” “That’s What It’s Made For” and the party staple, “Yeah.” And I’ve said it numerous times before, the stretch of the album that saw “That’s What It’s Made For” – “Can U Handle It?” – “Do It To Me” was pure gold and a timeless example of how important track sequencing is on what eventually grow to become classic albums. However, one of the more unhereald numbers from the 2004 classic was the Just Blaze-produced “Throwback.”

Possibly because it was sandwiched after “Yeah” and in between “Confessions Pt. 1” and “Burn,” the number is occasionally easily overlooked. “Throwback” was a perfect transitional number for an album packing more emotions than a pregnant woman. And once Jadakiss hopped on the remix, my stance only became more solidified. The song itself isn’t Usher’s best and the feature isn’t Jada’s, yet somehow both styles blended flawlessly on the track making for a listen both effortless and addictive. The topic centers around lost love and the sometimes futile battle at having it return to you.

Of course, Usher sounded at home seeing how the majority of the album centered revolved around said topic, and Montega Jada proved once again his quarter water and concrete jungle persona could crossover quite well given the opportunity and show gangstas do, indeed, need love too.

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