Who Is… Dylan Reynolds?

Posted on April 18th, 2012

Maybe because of time or the fact there’s so much other tidbits to remember in life, recalling when you become a fan of any artist may be difficult. Sometimes, you remember; other times the only thing that comes to mind is remembering a time when you we’re a fan of his/her music is next to impossible. Well, here’s Dylan Reynolds and be sure to bookmark this link.

As with any job in life, getting through the front door requires a bit of networking. Such is a case, it’s great to see an already established artist like Mac Miller put his co-sign on the line for an artist he believes has the potential to make serious strides in the music industry. Yet, Miller’s seal of approval is only a small part in the reason Reynolds graces these pages. His music speaks volumes giving off the aura that we may well be watching a star in the making. It’s not Hip-Hop, but he has a sound that could blend in well given the right opportunity and sound that is tailor-made for the crossover road. Labeling him this generation’s John Mayer is too much, too soon. It’s best just to let his career, personality and style blossom on their own.

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