Video: Fam-Lay – “Skrung Out”

Posted on April 13th, 2012

Some’ll say Fam-Lay is an artist who should be much bigger than what he is. Some’ll say he never took advantage of the opportunity in front of him. Personally, as a Virginia native, seeing Fam-Lay expand into a MC larger than the “he should’ve blow up” label so many of us in the state claim would have been ideal. That being said, however, it’s not to say buddy hasn’t had some truly dope records over the years.

One of them being “Skrung Out,” which you may  remember Tyler, The Creator borrowing the instrumental for the track “Splatter.” Who knows where this visual appeared from, but all credit goes to KarmaLoopTV and director Shomi Patwary for bringing it to life in rather dope fashion. If you’re from VA and/or follow Fam-Lay’s music, you know how dope of a drop this is.

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