Catalog Catch Up: Lil Boosie – “Touch Down To Cause Hell”

Posted on April 6th, 2012

Lil Boosie is scheduled to stand trial for an alleged murder for hire plot that killed Terry Boyd in 2009 and regardless of what the verdict is, unfortunately, we probably won’t see Bad Azz as a free man for quite some time. I say “unfortunately” for two reasons. One, pending the brother is actually innocent of the charges, knowing life in prison is staring you in the face for a crime which wasn’t even your doing has to be a traumatic experience. That said, it’s not like he’s the first or will be the last to be wrongfully accused, tried and possibly convicted. However, if by chance he actually did follow through with the claims against him, that’s something totally different.

The second reason is I’m a huge fan of Boosie’s music. In a genre that prides itself on being “real” and takes even more pride in exposing those who aren’t, Boosie stands in a rare class. He’s never been exposed as someone he isn’t and his music has never once strayed away from the streets which raised him (or corrupted depending who you are). A perfect example of being a “product of his environment,” his music has gone on to define the violent streets of Baton Rouge while simultaneously crafting him as a living legend in Louisiana Hip-Hop. This video, “Touch Down To Cause Hell,” for better and worse, helps play into the image that Boosie is a gun toting, weed smoking hoodlum. It probably won’t help his case in court, but at this point, what’s done is done.

I’m still going to blast his music regardless. And the District Attorney can’t do anything about that.

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