Video: Diggy Simmons Addresses Low Album Sales

Posted on March 30th, 2012

If you happened to catch the last “Billboard Breakdown” post, you probably noticed while Diggy Simmons’ debut album was near the top of the charts, the numbers that accompanied it weren’t exactly ideal. That’s especially true giving the success of his monster single with Jeremih, “Do It Like You.”

Instead of speculating of how Diggy took the news or what was the reason behind them, KC.com caught up with the man himself to discuss the issue. Like a man wiser than his age would suggest, Diggy notes that he understands maintaining and surviving in the rap game is a test of endurance, rather than a sprint. Instead of focusing on the negative, he’s more appreciative of those who did go out and support Unexpected Arrival. Those interested in copping the album can do so by visiting iTunes.

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