Catalog Catch Up: Pharrell feat. Young Dro & T.I. – “Music For The Gangstas”

Posted on March 6th, 2012


1. Drama has so many damn Gangsta Grillz mixtapes it’s easy to forget about some of the older ones. Pharrell’s turn at mixtape royalty often goes under the radar when some of Dram McCain’s more popular and groundbreaking projects are mentioned, but dope music was littered all throughout In My Mind: The Prequel.

2. This “Trap Or Die” instrumental is such a classic that it could’ve made even me sound amazing and I can only rhyme “bat” with “cat,” “rat” and “similac.”

3. While his true legacy in music will always remain what he did behind the boards, Skateboard P has never appeared intimidated jumping in the booth and unleashing bars with anyone from Jay-Z to Rick Ross to T.I. to Twista. And that Twista track, may I add, he murdered. Here, P holds his own and sets the scene perfectly for Dro and Tip. 

4. Dear Young Dro,

Look homie. I need you to get to taking rap as serious as you did back then. I’m a huge fan and verses like these are examples why.


A fan

5. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you T.I.

“Cook crack money fast, soft white money long
Balling boy holmes til all the money gone
40 cal leave you numb like you bumped your funny boy
What the fuck you laughing for?
Ain’t a damn thing funny holmes
Live the dangerous life I can show you the skull and bones
Smooth as Frank Sinatra, gangsta as Al Capone…”

Tip floated over this so effortless-like it remains one of my favorite verses from Clifford to this day. Most probably don’t remember it or, in some cases, never heard it. And that’s okay though because that’s exactly what this post is built for.

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