Video: Drake’s Club Paradise Tour Invades Nashville, TN

Posted on February 20th, 2012

As Lowkey noted, this footage is pretty damn sharp and better than 99.65% of concert videos we see floating around the world wide web on a daily basis. Aubrey’s Club Paradise Tour is well underway and what we have here is the man himself mingling and wooing the people of Nashville, Tennessee. There were a handful of videos from the concert (the rest of which can be seen after the jump), but the one above is Drake running through my personal favorite record from Take Care, his introspective and familial revealing number, “Look What You’ve Done.”

Chances are he’s never going to shoot a video for that, so this may be the best myself and fans of the record may get. Like I said in the previous paragraph though, hit the jump to see Drake run through “HYFR,” “The Motto,” “We’ll Be Fine” and “Practice.” With top notch video quality, of course. 

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