Bizarre Of D12 Tattoos Nicki Minaj’s Face On His Arm

Posted on December 27th, 2011

There’s absolutely nothing worse than witnessing a veteran rapper steep to new lows in an attempt to revitalize attention around their name. Unlike Busta Rhymes, who allowed his talent to persevere, others choose to attack their predecessors via diss tracks, to only later apologize on YouTube.

Bizarre of D12 is introducing a new approach. The 35-year-old Detroit native is actually co-signing Nicki Minaj, but in a quite bizarre fashion.

“I wanna show Nicki [Minaj] how much I really love her,” he says. “I did this for you and only you.”

We’ve seen people do peculiar things at the expense of Minaj, and I’m sure Nicki’s face is on quite a few bodies in the world; but for a reputable recording artist to join the likes of them is foolish to me.

Before sitting in the tattoo chair, “Nicki’s husband” enjoys a bubble bath, still expressing his love for the “Stupid Hoe” rapper. The apparently mentally incompetent rapper even offers his mouth to her vagina for life.

I realize the significance of tattoos has depreciated over the years, but I still consider inking the body an art form.  I’m aware his moniker is synonymous with ridiculous, and he wears a shower cap in public, and he whored himself out on Craigslist, but damn… When will this obvious stretch for attention end?



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