Occupy Wall Street Protestors Get Back At Jay-Z

Posted on November 19th, 2011

OWS protestors are taking shots of Jay-Z. If you guys remember, about two weeks ago Jay-Z made news that he would be releasing shirts for the Occupy Wall Street movement, but they would say “Occupy All Streets”. Protestors had a problem with shirts once they found he would be making profit from them via the Rocawear online store. What did they do in return? Photos just surfaced of a scultupe completed by artist Daniel Edwards. The piece features Jay-Z on the bottom, with money sign chain, Mr. Burns from The Simpsons, Scrooge McDuck, and at the top sits Richie Rich. Here’s what Daniel said about the sculpture:

I think Jay-Z has made himself a face of [the] Wall Street that Occupiers are protesting against,” said Edwards. “Maybe Jay-Z is striving to be in the one percent? Which is why I chose the composition of a totem pole because I thought it would resemble the number one. Rap stars who turn ‘Scrooge’ have to suffer some damage to their street credibility.

Is it that serious or protestors and followers of the movements getting a bit too hostile and in their feelings? What’s your thoughts?

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