Gangsta Boo & Kreayshawn Settle Differences Via Twitter

Posted on October 31st, 2011

Some confusion and controversy broke out this week stemming from Gangsta Boo’s recent appearance on MTV Rap Fix. There, the female MC had some not-so-kind words directed at one of rap’s more debated figures of the current day, Kreayshawn. The rapper, who rose to acclaim during the mid and late ’90s with the Hypnotized Minds camp, visited Sway on the set and obviously the topic of  female rappers came up. Boo wasted no time or words when commenting that the rapper who burst on the scene this year with “Gucci Gucci” was a “wigger,” a gimmick and comparable to one of the characters  from B.A.P.S., the 1997 film starring Halle Berry.

From there, Kreayshawn took to Twitter with the messages believed to be directed at Boo, “Hahahah lonely hungry bitch don’t deserve a mention. my local news caster got more followers then on you. Go play with ya kids hoe! Hope them shirts you selling at least paying your rent! Happy I can contribute.” MTV spoke with Kreayshawn who vehemently denied taking shots at Gangsta Boo and even quoted the elder rapper as an inspiration for her to even begin rapping. The two rappers then took to Twitter and iron out their differences. Both apparently meant no ill will towards one another with Boo admitting she was impressed with how well Kreayshawn handled the entire situation.

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