New Music: Lil Kim – “Spend A Mill”

Posted on October 16th, 2011

Premiered on Hot 97 this week, Lil Kim get her autotune back on with new track “Spend A Mill,” encouraging the fellas to put their money where their mouth and spend a million bucks or “you ain’t seeing nothing.”You know I love stones, no I don’t mean zodiacs / Diamonds are a girl’s best friend; where my homies at? / Love a rich boyfriend, nothing can compare to him… sings the Brooklyn rap vixen with her eye on the money.


  • The Plain Truth

    I know this ain’t the Kim thats supposed to have her foot on Nicki’s neck?! Is this some kinda sick joke? And she claims to be the best? DAMN!! I feel like i just got punked. This is HORRIBLE!! …Lil Kim?! gorl you know this gonna set you back even further right? We can stick a fork in you cause yo ass is …Da Done Done!! Just Horrid..

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