Andre 3000 To Be Featured On Drake’s “Take Care”

Posted on October 12th, 2011

If at first you don’t succeed, try again on your second album. That is exactly the case as it relates to Drake and his highly anticipated sophomore LP, Take Care. Heading into Thank Me Later, much of the hype centered around whether or not Drizzy would be able to land his two most sought after features, Andre 3000 and Sade. He landed neither, but for his November 15th set project, it appears as if the “quieter” side of Outkast is locked and loaded to appear as one of the album’s guests.

40 sat down with The Fader and dropped a valuable nugget by revealing the ever-so-talented Mr. Benjamin is indeed on the album and he (40) is the man bestowed with the honor. So if math serves me correctly, Drake’s got Three Stacks and Stevie Wonder already as confirmed guests. Not shabby. Now all the songs have to do is sound good.

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