Shawn Chrystopher – Silent Films For The Blind EP

Posted on October 3rd, 2011

I’ve been seeing this project talked about at various corners of the Internet for a few weeks now. And while I do have music from Shawn Chrystopher in my catalog, I’d be lying if I said I have really sat down and gave a hard, serious listen to what he’s had to say. Chrystopher dropped Silent Films For The Blind today, an album the artist proclaims means the world to him. Artists say this all the time, and in many cases they’re actually telling the truth. But pending how I’d want someone to take me up on something I spend my blood, sweat and tears (in this case, vocals) on, I’m going to give this a spin. The title is pretty dope.

Here’s to the music being the same thing.

1. Fade In
2. Scary Movie
3. Name on My Heart
4. Prom S***
5. Neiman Marcus Garvey
6. Need More Bass (feat. El Prez and Ashly)
7. Believe in Trust (feat. Zaire Koalo)
8. Champion (feat. Mann)
9. Ashes on My Macbook
10. Too Cold
11. Til We Get There (feat. Ashly)
12. **** With You (feat. BEeFF)
13. It’s My Time Now
14. The Credits

DL: Shawn Chrystopher – Silent Films For The Blind

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