Catalog Catch Up: Cam’ron feat. Max B – “You Gotta Love It” (Jay-Z Diss)

Posted on August 27th, 2011


Man, listen. Wayne’s shot at Jay-Z was witty and good for a chuckle. I give him that, yet when it comes to Jay-Z disses, I’m talking legit disses to Shawn Carter (outside of “Ether”), there’s only one that comes to mind – Cam’ron’s “You Gotta Love It.” First, let’s set the scene. The time was 2006 and the Roc was crumbling while the Dips were at their height. Also apparent was the belief that Jay-Z and Cam weren’t exactly buddy-buddy. Urban legends say their one collaboration, Come Home With Me‘s “Welcome To New York City,” was something Dame orchestrated to commemorate Killa’s arrival to the label; something long since rumored Hov vehemently disliked. 

Then, there’s the “Oh Boy (Remix)” Jay allegedly jumped on that Cam made sure never saw the light of day because, in his own words, Jay was “too old to be doing what he doing and he dresses horrible.”  Then, yes there’s more, the Dips were left off the “Roc The Mic” Tour. Then, the Dame/Jay stuff really blew up. Then, Cam was shot in DC during Howard University’s homecoming weekend where he claimed he saw someone throw up the diamond before he was shot. There’s tons more intricate stories, but in the interest of time, we’ll cut it short.

“You Gotta Love It,” from what I remember at the time, was met with tons of flack mainly stemming from Jay-Z worship. Personally, and I am bias, the record was hilarious and actually respectable in the fact there were no subliminal shots. No doubt was left as to who Cam was directing his anger towards. And to top it off, a hook only Max B could pull off was the perfect compliment to Flea’s disrespectful verses.

Down in Houston ask B I’ma mack forreal
Heck you tell me, respect, better dwell me
Beyonce, fiance, check my 2nd LP (check my second album)
I might bring it back, that’s your girl, that’s your world
Had the thing, fucking singing bout slinging crack (word)
Mr. Rocafella stop, stop, stop it fellas (stop)
Still got our acapellas, but I will Akinyele her
“Put it in ya mouth-Put it in ya mouth”
It ain’t my fault I’m raw
I’m sorry B but I want a war
And he stabbed “Un” over Charli Baltimore (fucking faggot)
Sucker for love, nuh-nuh sucker for love
Kill a bitch go to trial handy stuff in the glove

This plus the “Fraggle Rock” reference towards the end? Yeah. Game, set, match point. Cam’s unbridled confidence and reckless abandon to go right at Jay-Z’s neck was both admirable and and risky. What ended up happening was nothing, actually. Jay responded the way he always has, with subliminal shots (see “Dig A Hole” and “Hustlin’ (Remix)”). His “I Declare War” concert turned out to be more peaceful and revolutionary and while the Dips continued to take shots at Hov, things fizzled out and the Dips disbanded ending that chapter in rap beef history.

Still, Cam’s “line-in-the-sand” battle rap continues to ring bells. This wasn’t a line or an interview. It was seven minutes of vulgarity mixed with the patent Dipset aura of the day. Cam was ready to box with “The God MC.” Jay just never bothered to show up to the gym.

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