Luther Campbell Is One Step Closer To Being Mayor Of Miami

Posted on April 14th, 2011

You read the title correctly. For months now, it has been hinted that Luther Campbell – better known as Uncle Luke of the legendary rap ensemble 2 Live Crew – would be running for mayor of Miami-Dade County. Well, the paper work is filed and all systems point to go and the only thing left from Campbell achieving said goal are the citizens of the city to vote him in office. He has long been a public figure in the community, including being an assistant football coach at a local high school, but now looks to truly leave an impact on the city which raised and made him and one he still refers to as home.

Although many ask if he is serious, there is nothing funny about the issues that Miami-Dade County faces and Luther Campbell is extremely serious about the revitalization of Miami-Dade County.  His platform focuses on four important issues:  Economic Development, Public Safety, Community Revitalization and Affordable Housing. Campbell believes that Miami-Dade County government has a responsibility to ensure that every citizen has access to safe and affordable housing. He believes that it is important to restore public trust, build stronger bonds between law enforcement and community and enhance current public safety and crime prevention programs.

Additionally, in order to promote economic development, Campbell supports responsible growth and development, small business expansion, attraction of new businesses, generating new revenue sources for our county and job creation. Finally, if elected, Campbell will take the opportunity to enrich our landscape by refocusing, restructuring and rebuilding to achieve the ‘highest and best use’ of our commercial and residential resources by enhancing the “look and feel” of our neighborhoods and improving the visual impression of our county and instilling a sense of community and neighborhood pride.

Luke finds himself up against a slew of other candidates who are fighting to fill the slot then Mayor Carlos Alvarez and Commissioner Natcha Seijas left open after nearly 90% of voters during a March 15 recall felt it best they be removed from office. If elected, Campbell would serve out the remainder of Alvarez’s term (November 2012).

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