Mixtape: David Rush x DJ Whoo Kid – RUSH[ED]

Posted on February 26th, 2011

Obviously the title is a play off his last name, but I like to believe the “[ed]” part is symbolic for an educational lesson. What I mean by that is with David Rush’s new mixtape RUSH[ED], by the end of the tape, you, the listener, should have learned something you didn’t know prior to pressing play. Maybe you’ll learn about him being diagnosed with a potentially fatal kidney disease in 2007 and only given a year to live or maybe you will learn the entire story which is the inspiration behind his music and life. Regardless, by the conclusion, you should hear why DJ Whoo Kid is so high on him.

Hit the jump for the tracklist, link and the trailer to his new web series. 

1. Intro
2. Re-Born (prod by Nikko)
3. Feel Me See Me (prod by PointBlank and Theory)
4. Rush (prod by Keith Jones)
5. Party Like We Do (prod by AnT)
6. Rehab feat. Vaugn J (prod by PointBlank)
7. Suicide Ride (prod by Lynx)
8. Rushia Intro
9. Rushia (prod by Soundz)
10. Red Light feat. Monsta (prod by Nikko)
11. Stay with Me feat. Elijah King (prod by PointBlank and Theory)
12.Green Monsta (prod by AnT)
13. Don’t Judge Me (prod by Lynx)
14. OSL Intro
15. Outta Space Lover (prod by Lynx)
16. Bring It Home feat. A.Lewins (prod by Ebonix)
17. Top Roof feat. Reek Havok (prod by PointBlank)
18. Tell Me feat. B.Madison (prod by Soundz)
19. Get Low feat. Vaughn J (prod by PointBlank)
20. 4get Me Not Intro
21. 4get Me Not (prod by PointBlank)
22. The World feat. Freshman Class (prod by AnT)
23. Outro
24. The Life feat. Mama Rush (prod by AnT)

DL: David Rush x DJ Whoo Kid – RUSH[ED]

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