Lil’ B Cooks Up For a Sold Out Crowd at The Highline Ballroom

Posted on January 14th, 2011

I feel confident when saying there is no show in Hip-Hop like a Lil B show. The invasion of New York City continued with his second sold out show last night at the Highline Ballroom. Come to think of it, “sold out” may not even be the proper description as there was still a huge line of people attempting to get by the time B took the stage. Those lucky enough to gain entrance saw the Bay Area rapper hit the stage in an aqua blue V-neck T-shirt and his self-proclaimed $40,000 Vans.

The love the “Based God” is truly unlike any other at the moment. It’s almost as if he has a cult following. With each move, guys threw hats and jewelry on stage in approval. However, one of the oddest (and more memorable) moments of the night came when a male fan presented his girlfriend to Lil B to have sex with as a form of sacrifice of some sort. It’s just as crazy as it sounds. It didn’t stop there though. To win his good graces, fans offered their “bitches,” sisters, mothers and one guy even presented B with his daughter, which was just all types of weird. They really treated him as if he was, well, The Golden Calf.

Performance wise, he ran through his string of hits including “Wonton Soup” and “Ellen DeGeneres.” His Amalgam Digital release Angels Exodus drops next Tuesday (January 18).

Photo Credit: Ernest Estime’
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