Lil Kim Ft. I.R.S – Clap Clap

Posted on January 12th, 2011

  • JP

    ….”Hang It Up FlatScreeen”
    Really!!! U was better off releasing Black Friday as a Official Single then this SH!T…Seriously that was ipod worthy this sound Like the IRS should come collect from them for doin diz….
    N I Like Lil’ Kim!!!…Disappointed
    ‘Grabs ipod n plays “Save Me”-Nicki Minaj’

  • Shay

    *jaw drops* I can’t even listen to all of this. The chorus and the whole concept is garbage. As much as she runs her mouth and doesn’t do anything about it, she should at least come out hard! This is whack Kim. How you gonna try and refer to yourself as “The Queen” still and your music sounds like some amateur bullcrap. I’ll stick to old Kim, if I ever want to listen to it because I don’t support haters.

    Go Nicki! I love her : ) #itsPINKFRIDAYhoe

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