Lil Wayne, Mack Maine Respond To ‘Dark Skin’ Claims

Posted on January 6th, 2011

Earlier today, a report broke out which centered around Lil Wayne, Mack Maine and several other members of the Young Money roster. According to the letter, a young woman – who is of a darker complexion – and her friends were in Miami finishing photoshoots when they went to visit the YM crew at a hotel. Upon seeing them Wayne allegedly said, “Damn,  y’all pretty to be dark skin.” The story goes from there that the woman mentioned Weezy’s oldest child was dark skinned leading him to respond with, “My daughter is a dark skin millionaire. That’s the difference between her and you.” The two supposedly have a brief back and forth and she and her friends storms out the room.

That’s a controversial story, but the questions remain: why would Wayne, Maine and the Young Money crew be in a random Miami hotel when it is well known they have condos in the area?  And why were they all in one room? It’s the small details which give you the side eye when taking time to digest the entire story. This claim led to both Weezy and Mack Maine taking to their Twitter accounts to refute the claims.

Just read da funniest “blog story” ever about me n my fam…..We color blind over here..if a female is beautiful she’s beautiful!! Luv – Mack Maine

Rumors are as dumb as the people who believe them. – Lil Wayne

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