Lil Wayne, Mack Maine Respond To ‘Dark Skin’ Claims

Posted on January 6th, 2011

Earlier today, a report broke out which centered around Lil Wayne, Mack Maine and several other members of the Young Money roster. According to the letter, a young woman – who is of a darker complexion – and her friends were in Miami finishing photoshoots when they went to visit the YM crew at a hotel. Upon seeing them Wayne allegedly said, “Damn,  y’all pretty to be dark skin.” The story goes from there that the woman mentioned Weezy’s oldest child was dark skinned leading him to respond with, “My daughter is a dark skin millionaire. That’s the difference between her and you.” The two supposedly have a brief back and forth and she and her friends storms out the room.

That’s a controversial story, but the questions remain: why would Wayne, Maine and the Young Money crew be in a random Miami hotel when it is well known they have condos in the area?  And why were they all in one room? It’s the small details which give you the side eye when taking time to digest the entire story. This claim led to both Weezy and Mack Maine taking to their Twitter accounts to refute the claims.

Just read da funniest “blog story” ever about me n my fam…..We color blind over here..if a female is beautiful she’s beautiful!! Luv – Mack Maine

Rumors are as dumb as the people who believe them. – Lil Wayne

  • Racism is Wrong

    She didn’t say it was one room, she said they stormed out the room, which could be the room in the suite that was the entrance and exit to the suite, and I have seen Twist on Ustream with a lot of them were together in a suite at a hotel (Not saying this is when the incident happened). Wayne lyrics says a lot about how he feels, so lets keep it real, why should one believe them over the girl, and vice versa, Wayne has more to lose if this is true, and what is the girl to gain, she didn’t say who she is, where’s she from. Wayne has talked reckless before…. ex. kill your kids. I have no problem of Wayne having a type to mate with, but to belittle someone because of their skin tone is wrong. “Beautiful Black Woman look better RED”, what does that mean, and don’t tell me it’s gang related because it won’t make sense in the lyrics. I understand that Wayne, Mack and you are doing damage control, but Wayne really needs to man up and admit that he put his foot in his mouth. Willie Lynch is laughing his ass off over this mess!!!

  • sean

    and he just posted another tweet—> “yall know i didnt say that shit” people love to start shit w/ this dude name..it’s fucked up. he aint even been home that long and look… smh

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  • scott

    if he said it, then the shit is dead wrong. there’s nothing wrong with havin a preference in the type of people you are attracted to, but how you say it is another convo altogether. personally.

    but if you read the letter, she made it seem like it was just one room, so who knows what really happened. I’m pretty sure the truth is somewhere in the middle ground. but you are right though about that willie lynch shit. that’s one of the realest theories in existence because it’s so relevant to today’s society.

  • At the end of the day we will never know whats true and whats not. Young Money festers on having women who are lighter skin and Hispanic throughout their lyrics and music videos SO naturally this letter seems believable, it is what it is regardless of how much we preach,hoot, and holler nothing going to change. The black woman comes last in line especially in the entertainment business it nothing more than modern day slavery. At this point it’s bigger than Young Money, its the world and how we let color control our minds. If it’s true they will fall in line with people like, Yung Berg, Kevin Hart,DJ Clue, Mistah Fab, Slim Thug and many more who have said derogatory things about dark skin women,then try to clean it up when they get the backlash? There’s people who tan to get darker skin, inject lips to have them fuller, get surgery for breast and ass, girls want to rock the bamboo earrings, women of every ethnicity wear weave(extensions) so my question is whats the problem with dark skin? I clearly remember hearing Nicki Minaj on Lipp service(Angela Yee & Jeri J) stating she hates guys who thinks or say “your cute to be dark skin” and I feel that would be hypocritical for her to come from a whole team that feels that way! I aint saying its true, but it wouldn’t surprise me either…

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  • keke

    Its easy to say. it is what it is when it comes to a topic like this. Its so widely known but still a touchy topic. sorry but it hurts to grow up knowing you are less desiarable because of your skin. only to look up to those who are praised because they are light. But what really sting is to have a muthafucka thats just as black as you have the nerve to say beautiful black women bet she’d look better red. Even if he didnt do what was said in miami he did say that. With that said he makes it easy for someone to believe that he made that ignorant ass statement. i loved lil wayne and being a brown skin woman i have to put that love affair to rest. i thought he had more got dam sense then that. honestly i thought black ppl as a whole did. We are so blind that we cant see the huge blessing God has given us as a race. WE ARE THE ONLY RACE OF PPL THAT HAS A CHOICE!!!!!!!!!! you can have vanilla one day carmel the next, and chocolate another. Please say you feel on that Cuz i know i like men of every color u have to be a fool to discriminate or not see what God has ever so clearly put in front of us.

  • tnp

    i dont know why people keep saying that this clown responded! Typing up a
    few words on twitter saying, YALL KNOW I DID SAY THAT SHIT” is not response.
    What if this was 10 15 years ago when we didnt have twitter, how
    who he respond then? That weak and lazy, yeah he said cause if he didnt he woulda addressed in live and in person on a video or the radio Lauryn Hill did when Howard
    Stern accused her of being racist against white people, right away she shut that
    down the rumors. but yeah, lil wayne said that shyt, we all know it, and even if he didnt say it word from word,
    he does have kids with light skin women, he doses have a lyric in his song that says “beautiful black women bet she’d look better red, he does have a child with an asian female, he does have a light skin biracial male child and im not
    sure what he meant by “too bad we had a son”, its clear that he wanted a mixed
    daughter and not a mixed son, i’m sure he wanted a male child that looks like
    him but he doesnt i guess he feels that only daughters should be red/light/mixed,
    he has a problem with being a dark man, i really hope he does not show animosity
    or jealousy or discriminate against his own son

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