Billboard Breakdown 12/29

Posted on December 29th, 2010

1. Taylor Swift – Speak Now – 276,000 – The holidays were kind to young Taylor as she moved over a quarter million units for an album that was released on October 25. I’m not sure of her total numbers are, but if there was any album capable of hitting diamond status, it’d be this one.

5. Michael Jackson – Michael – 150,000 – Mike should be gold in a few weeks. Somewhere, tears of joy stream down Joe Jackson’s face.

6. Jamie Foxx – Best Night Of My Life – 144,000 – This was actually Jamie’s highest debut ever and I’m actually surprised he sold this much. Still, I’ll give respect to him for it. He should have left the song “15 Minutes” to Mario though.

7. Eminem – Recovery – 137,000 – He. Just. Keeps. Selling. He’s now well over 3.3 million copies sold.

8. Nicki Minaj – Pink Friday – 133,000 – Guess who’s creeping up on platinum? Birdman and Slim win again.

9.  Keyshia Cole – Calling All Hearts – 128,000 – Like Foxx, I’m surprised she moved this much. Especially after the lack of support she received after going with Nicki on the first single.

19. Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy – 86,000 – I’m of the belief Kanye isn’t done promoting this album in the least bit. Expect this to be platinum by February.

43. Diddy/Dirty Money – Last Train To Paris – 39,000 – Hopefully Puff doesn’t abandon the Dirty Money idea because the album wasn’t bad. If he can get this album to 300K, I don’t see why he would.

114. Ghostface Killah – Apollo Kids – 13,000 – There wasn’t much, if any, promotion behind this project whatsoever, and these numbers are indicative of it. On a related note, Ghostface needs to jump on that “Devil In A New Dress” instrumental.

184. David Banner & 9th Wonder – Death Of A Pop Star – 7,300 – The idea sounded great on paper. The album itself was decent. The results reflected that of an independent project.

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