Fatman Scoop Interview With Bangladesh & Cory Gunz

Posted on December 16th, 2010


The legendary Fatman Scoop was able to get Bangladesh to call into his nationally syndicated Full Throtle Radio show on Shade 45. Of course, with him on the air, the topic of Lil Wayne’s newest single “6 Foot 7 Foot” – which was produced by Bangladesh and features Cory Gunz – was an important part of the discussion.


Bang says at the time the beat was made Lil Wayne was not the intended target, so there was no added sense of pressure going into produced the much anticipated “comeback record.”  Scoop quickly went into the previous disagreement he had with Cash Money and lack of payment in regards to his work on Tha Carter III – something which he said he sympathized with after Missy failed to pay Fatman for a past record. Around the one minute mark, the topic shifts toward a production album in the works which will feature Lil Wayne, Ke$sha and more.


Scoop also caught up with Cory Gunz. The Bronx rhymer says they actually recorded the song  as soon as Weezy walked out of Rikers. Around the 2:30, he speaks on his past business relationships with Jay-Z and Tommy Mottola. And for those interested, he also (somewhat) gets into the groupie stories since joining Young Money.


Part two finds Scoop pressuring Gunz to tell the stories of “revenge p#ssy,” a question he was obviously hesitant to answer. From there, the conversation shifts to the type of women he is attracted to. Be on the lookout for his Bring The Gunz Out mixtape with DJ Greg Street set to drop very, very soon.

Purchase “6 Foot 7 Foot” on iTunes by clicking here.

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