Chase N. Cashe – “Special” (prod. by Hit Boy)

Posted on August 19th, 2010

One thing about the Surf Club is that they are always recording music. Producing or rapping or A&R’ing quality tapes, they’re a group of all trades. You can credit that to their own self-inspired work ethic in addition to the company they keep. In the case of Chase N. Cashe’s “Special,” it is an example of both. Blessed with a relaxing and inviting Hit Boy creation, Chase waxes poetics about his selection process to the women he invites in his life. Toting a black card and a pocket full of change, the platinum producer goes on to cement his presence on the song with an infectious hook.

Pending you follow Chase on Twitter, his penchant to spell things with -eaux paying homage to his New Orleans roots should come as no surprise. I haven’t actually confirmed it with the G, but there are rumors he plans on releasing a mixtape entitled Gumbeaux. That’s “gumbo” for those who were lost.

DL: Chase N. Cashe – “Special” (prod. by Hit Boy)

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